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Ben Waterford

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Ben Waterford was born in England in 1956.

At age 14, Ben Waterford emigrated with his parents from the UK to Western Australia. He left school at 15 and worked for the state railway company, initially as a junior officer. By the age of 21 he was appointed Station Master at a country location, being the youngest Station Master in the state of Western Australia at the time.

By 1984, aged 28, Ben moved into the world of computers, landing his first job as Computer Operator on mighty IBM and Amdahl mainframe machines. After relocating to a major commonwealth health agency in 1994, Ben provided network and computer support for another 11½ years before gaining a position with a local University as an IT Systems Analyst.

One thing that Ben always imagined doing was to write and publish a book. In 2008, at the age of 52 he decided it was now or never. So putting fingers to keyboard he began the journey into the realm of writing. Due to work and family commitments it was a slow road, but after a number of years Ben has now successfully self-published a number of fiction novels. He has further projects currently under way, and hopes to have more books and short stories published in the future for you all to enjoy.

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December, 2016

In Stores Now

My third novel 'I Dreamed A Dream' is now published as an ebook and available through all the major e-book online stores.
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November, 2016

My Third Novel

My third novel 'I Dreamed A Dream' is undergoing editing and I hope to release it in December. As usual it will be released through all the major e-book online stores.
Stay tuned for more information ...

May, 2016


The first novel in 'The Time Followers' theme titled '10 Past 4' is now available at the major ebook online publishers.
Four teens from various backgrounds come together in their first exciting adventure. Stumbling across an old WW2 bunker hidden deep within the Pembrokeshire countryside they are confronted by a rudimentary and unstable time machine that sets them off on an incredible journey to save a war-torn London from certain destruction by a German under-developed atomic bomb.

My Publications

I Dreamed A Dream
First Published December 2016.


10 Past 4
First Published May 2016.


Lost in the Dreamtime
First Published November 2014.

Ben Waterford
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